Homeowners Insurance Claims As the oldest and largest public adjusting firm in British Columbia, we have helped thousands of homeowners secure the settlements they deserve.

Our team is by your side from your first call until you walk through the doors of your new or restored home. While your insurance company's goal is to protect its financial exposure to your claim, our goal is to help your family get back on its feet and get back to living.

Types of Claims We Handle

Our team has handled thousands of property damage claims caused by fires, wildfires, earthquakes, winter storms, floods, and more.

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Much like a lawyer represents you in court, we are private adjusters who work only on your behalf, representing you in the insurance claims process.

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We are the orchestra conductor, coordinating all your trusted advisors (attorneys, accountants, risk managers, et cetera) in preparing a detailed property insurance claim. We negotiate the optimal settlement to help you rebuild or repair.

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Our goal is to remove the stress of managing the property insurance claim and ensure you have a level playing field when dealing with the insurance company.

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Our team answers your questions before and during the claims process to help ease your stress.  With our team, you do not need to worry about managing the insurance claim by yourself.