Vancouver Office of Greenspan Adjusters International, Inc. (British Columbia)

Our Vancouver-based team is well-versed in the natural disasters that can affect the province, from major floods to fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, and more. Our team is ready to provide support to homeowners, businesses, and commercial property owners when needed. We are your advocates in the property insurance claims process and are close by to help at a moment’s notice.

We have helped thousands of people and businesses recover after wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters across the province. We are private adjusters and do not represent the insurance company. First, we meet with you to create and activate the right claims strategy to achieve your immediate and long-term goals. Next, we thoroughly review your policy and document all your damage, including business interruption losses. Then, we coordinate all parties involved toward the goal of securing the best settlement from your insurance policy without delay.

If you or someone you know has major property damage, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of specialists is ready to help businesses and homeowners across the province.

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Contact us to discuss how our team can help you navigate the property insurance claims process. We are committed to getting you the fair and just settlement you deserve to repair, rebuild, restore, or relocate.

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