Public Adjusters for Commercial & Business Owners

In this video you'll learn about what a public adjuster is and how they can help commercial and business owners.


A disaster strikes and impacts your business. What will you do? As employees look for answers and customers decide if they’ll stay, your focus MUST be on maintaining your business. That in itself is a full-time job. What about your insurance claim? Do you have the time to understand your insurance policy and fully assess the damages and loss of income rising each moment of delay?

You’re going to need some help.

You may have trusted advisors who you normally depend on, such as your insurance broker, attorney, risk manager, and accountant. But a major loss presents unique challenges that require a very specialized expertise.

Your insurance company will have a professional insurance adjuster ready to protect their interests. But who’s fighting for you?

What if you had your very own adjuster, known as a Public Adjuster? An expert licensed insurance professional and his team working exclusively in your corner. Someone who has handled numerous claims just like yours before. Someone who will embrace, collaborate with, and work in concert with your trusted advisors.

And someone who can save you time, negotiate the optimum amount on your behalf, and lower your stress through the complicated and confusing process of disaster recovery while you focus on planning and rebuilding.

That is exactly what we provide for you.

We start by strategizing with you in complete confidentiality, understanding your needs and goals for your recovery.

"I wonder if I can...? I always wanted to...? Maybe I should...?"

Applying policy conditions to goals desired allows us to chart a course of action for success.

Then we prepare the re-creation of the building structure.

We document a detailed inventory of everything that was lost.

We value all of your machinery and equipment.

And finally, we assess the loss of business revenue so that we can deliver you the optimal financial recovery.

Most importantly, we help you get back to your employees, customers, and business sooner.

So the next time disaster strikes, don’t stress, don’t wait. Call The Geenspan Co./Adjusters International.

We work for you.