What Is A Public Adjuster?

We Work For You, Not The Insurance Company.

A natural or man-made disaster suddenly strikes your business, interrupting your operations indefinitely. How quickly can you recover and keep your customers? And will your insurance policy help handle it? As you focus on protecting your business, do you also have the time to become fluent in your policy and prepare a thorough claim to get you everything you’re entitled to from your carrier? After all, to the insurance company, it’s now your responsibility, not theirs, to prove your loss. They will want to limit their financial exposure in this situation.

That’s where we come in.

A public adjuster is an insurance professional who works only for you, the policyholder, not the insurance company. We have the special training and expertise to interpret the intricacies of your policy, evaluate and document the full scope of your damage, and negotiate a claim to maximize and expedite your financial recovery.

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Public Adjusters for Commercial & Business Owners
We are your trusted advocates in every step of the insurance claim process, there to prepare and negotiate your claim to get you the optimum amount for recovery.

Why You Need A Public Adjuster

To your insurance company, your recovery is your responsibility, not theirs. When you notify them, they will send an adjuster to protect their financial exposure from your claim. How then can you be sure you will receive every benefit from your policy and a fair amount from your claim?

You’re hit with a disaster and your business is threatened. It’s time for your insurance company to step in. You have paid your premiums and you expect that you will be given what you are owed from your insurance policy. But to your carrier, it is your responsibility to prove your loss. How then can you be sure your damage and loss are fully documented, proven, and defended to maximize your financial recovery? Who’s looking out for you?

By hiring Adjusters International as your public adjuster, you are gaining a highly experienced team of insurance professionals looking out only for you and the survival of your business. Instead of reacting to your current situation, we take control of it, approaching it from a point of experience and advocacy. We are fluent in your insurance coverage and we will work closely with you in developing a claim strategy to efficiently manage your claim and expedite the process to get you the funds you need to recover. It’s what makes us unmatched in post-disaster financial recovery.

Our Public Adjusters Handle The Entire Claims Process
  • We fully review your insurance coverage.
  • We develop a claim strategy.
  • We determine policy compliance issues.
  • We complete detailed valuations of building, equipment, & inventory losses.
  • We formulate business interruption claims.
  • We negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company.
  • We keep you informed every step of the way.
Public Adjusters vs Insurance Adjusters
Exclusively Represent You (the policyholder).
Bottom Line
They legally represent only the rights of an insurance carrier.
Represent the policyholder to the insurance company to ensure that the claim is handled fairly, quickly, and with maximum financial restitution.
Paid by insurance companies to negotiate and adjust the claim on their behalf.
Fee or commission based on a percentage of the settlement, or other method of compensation.
Paid by the insurance company they work for.
Licensed, bonded, and tested by the state to represent your interest only.
They are not licensed or tested by the state.

Our Public Adjusting Service FeesIsn't It Worth A Little Bit To Get A Lot More?

Of all the parties involved in your disaster recovery — your carrier, its adjusters, and their recommended vendors — our public adjusters are the only people whose interest aligns solely with that of our client, the policyholder. We benefit only if our clients benefit in a s