Our team identifies all the ways water has damaged your property and prepares a comprehensive claim on your behalf.

Why Adjusters International

Why Greenspan Adjusters International (British Columbia)

  • Our team is onsite right away to take command of the situation.
  • Our public adjusters, construction estimators, and contents specialists are disaster recovery experts that thoroughly catalog and evaluate all damaged property to ensure the best settlement possible.
  • We arrange for and manage the cleanup process.
  • Our forensic accounting team evaluates the physical loss to your property, and the income lost due to business interruption.
  • We often achieve settlements multiple times greater than the initial settlement offer. 
  • Our team breaks down the roadblocks set up by the insurance company to ensure that you are working from a level playing field.
  • We handle your claim professionally and expediently.

What to Focus on After Water Damage

Before engaging your insurance company, consider the following questions:

  • What is my agent/broker’s role?
  • The insurance company hired a construction estimator. What do I need to know?
  • Wind Damage vs. Storm Surge vs. Flood Damage. What is covered?
  • Why is a claims strategy so important?
  • Am I impacted by coinsurance?
  • Is a moisture survey necessary?

The Difference We Make

We work exclusively for you, not the insurance company. Our insurance professionals have negotiated thousands of claims for nearly every disaster. Local in our approach, we have an unmatched network of resources to mobilize and be at your side.